HR Policy

The attention paid to recruiting the right men and women, to training them and to developing their skills is a primary driver behind the growth and development of the Cevital Group.

Cevital is absolutely convinced that its workforce is the reason for its success and its guarantee for the future, and so the Group has set out a Human Resources policy that focuses on economic development while taking into consideration the expectations and aspirations of its staff. It is aiming to establish a corporate culture built on the principle of shared values.

Attracting the most talented people, bringing them in and getting them to work together

Cevital’s HR vision is to:

  • Make the HR function both proactive and reactive, anticipating the Group’s needs and ensuring its resources are effectively planned.
  • Provide the Group’s staff with streamlined and consistent opportunities for professional development.
  • Offer employees a motivational working environment.

This policy is applied in practice by implementing HR management processes and tools that aim to attract the most talented people, bring them into the company and get them to work together. The launch of the “Cevital recrute” recruitment website means that job vacancies can be published and large numbers of applications collected. It is also a means of promoting the company, and its opportunities for development and growth.

Developing skills

In its pursuit of excellence, the Cevital Group has introduced several training programmes for its employees. These targeted programmes aim to transform Cevital into a major economic player and a world-class business group. This is where the “Mini MBA” and “Welch Way” training programmes come in, designed to raise the professionalism of managers to the very highest level. Its aim is to secure the next generation of managers, to support the growth of the Group and, in the best possible conditions, prepare the managers of today to become the Business Unit bosses of the future.

The establishment of a company university (UCC) has further strengthened the development of skills within Cevital. The university is intended to be a place of shared values and behaviours, where knowledge and best practices are passed on. It is also a forum for developing the knowledge and skills that are specific to Cevital.

Recognising and rewarding best performance

Fairness and recognition are fundamental principles of employee motivation, but they are also key elements of good management practice. This is why it is essential to put in place a remuneration scheme gives fair rewards to the best performances and the top contributors.