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For many years now, the Cevital Group has been developing an ambitious strategy for foreign acquisitions, in search of avenues for growth by 2025. This strategy enables it to achieve the critical mass it requires to move up a level and compete in the same league as the largest global companies.

Cevital is focusing on several large projects, which have strong synergies with its activities in Algeria, continental Europe and Brazil. Its method is to build up the technological know-how, from Research and Development to patents, and the international distribution networks that will enable it to export.

In France, as well as in Spain and Italy, the Cevital Group has implemented a win/win approach to investment: co-production. It enables it to retain the profitable business of companies in developed economies while creating other activities in Algeria. This principle enables it to add value to companies in difficulty, to relaunch them and give them a new lease of life.

Brandt: registered offices in Rueil Malmaison (France)

Brandt also has sites in Spain, Asia, Malaysia, Morocco and Algeria.

OXXO Evolution: registered offices in Cluny (France)

Alas Iberia: Ciaño – Langreo, Asturias (Spain)

Aferpi/Lucchini: Piombino (Italy)