Development strategy

Cevital has been built around its founder’s ambition and vision to create an industrial group on a global scale that is highly competitive and focused on international exports.

The group has world-class production facilities that are equipped with the most advanced technologies. The Group’s strategy is based on being highly competitive in terms of price, quality, volumes, logistics, automation and co-location.

Research and Development, innovation and the skills of our employees are also key considerations. These assets give us a competitive edge and form the cornerstone of a dynamic export industry that creates jobs and appeals to the young people of Algeria.

According to Issad Rebrab, CEO of Cevital, the Group’s success is founded on seven key points:

  • Regularly reinvesting profits in growth sectors with high added value
  • Researching and implementing the most advanced technological know-how
  • Paying attention to recruiting the right men and women, to their training and the transfer of skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • A sense of innovation
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Pride and passion for supporting the national economy