Bio and vision of the CEO: Malik Rebrab

With a degree in finance, Malik Rebrab began his career at Xerox in Morocco as head of procurement, before joining Loys & M as a trader. He joined the Cevital Group in 1999 to work in investment monitoring and became Deputy CEO a few months later, tasked with monitoring business activity and production. In 2004, he was appointed CEO of Cevital. Since 2010, Malik Rebrab has been the Director of the Industry division.

“Our Industry division’s mission is to contribute to our consumers’ and employees’ comfort and wellbeing by developing innovative products and services with complete respect for cultural diversity, environmental rules and the sustainable development of the planet. Through our highly diversified business portfolio and our future plans, we are aiming to become a key player in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as playing an active role in growing the Cevital Group as part of its 25/25 vision.”