Futur Media

Futur Media SpA is a local multimedia communications company, which specialises in large display advertising. Created in 2002, it has been taken over by the group Cevital in 2008.

Futur Media provides its customers with innovative communications solutions, the impact of which guarantees the success of their advertising campaigns. The company offers various media and non-media solutions and services:

  • Sale of Point of Sale Display materials.
  • Research, design and printing of all types of materials.
  • Display advertising on small- and large panels, from 4 m² to 108 m².
  • Rental and installation of screens.


Key figures:

  • 33 large-format display panels providing 69 useable surfaces of between 35 and 108 m².
  • 132 small-format display panels of between 2 and 18 m² in 3 shopping centres.
  • Space rental capacity of 12,000 m²/year.
  • Surface printing capacity of 6,000 m²/year.


Futur Media:
30 Rue Djnene El Malik Hydra
Algiers – Algeria

Tel: 0770 49 35 52

Fax: 023 48 21 05

E-mail: contact@futurmedia-dz.com