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Nolis-SpA, established in 2000, is the leading private ship-owner in Algeria. This Cevital subsidiary is responsible for the Group’s maritime transport and that of other national and foreign economic operators.


Its main activities are: chartering bulk carriers and tankers, regular shipping services, fitting out and operating owned vessels, and maritime agency services.

Key figures:

  • 1 vessel under ownership
  • 100+ bulk carriers and tankers chartered annually
  • 2 fully-owned agencies (Béjaïa and Algiers)


Nolis Spa:
02, Rue Marcello Fabri
Les Sources - Bir Mourad Raîs
16013 Algiers - Algeria

Registered office:
Lotissement 138
Mohamed Saidoune Kouba
Algiers - Algeria

Tel: + 213 (0) 23 54 37 95

Fax: + 213 (0) 23 54 37 96



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Food Processing and Distribution

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