Plastic bags replaced by reusable bags at UNO!

UNO took measures to protect nature and proceeded in offering recyclable bags in its stores in parallel with plastic bags since November 15, 2017 until January 31, 2018. Through this initiative, UNO, leader in mass retailing in Algeria, meant to commit in fighting against pollution.

Customers were prompted to bring their traditional straw baskets or other sorts of eco-bags. Awareness days were also held by the company to encourage Algerians to change their habits.

UNO will no longer serve plastic bags as of February 1, 2018 but will offer recyclable bags for 10 DA and reusable bags for 100 DA exchangeable for life for free (in case of wear).

Soon other models of recyclable bags will also be on sale and complementary paper bags will be distributed in cash for textiles and cosmetics.