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Launch of Brandt OLED Curved TV’s Production in Algeria

December 18 2016

Brandt Algeria launches its new TV range and announces exclusively:

  • The launch of “OLED Curved” televisions’ Production in Algeria, the first in the Middle East and Africa region.
  • The integration of school support programs, available for free on all Brandt SMART TVs, streamed via the application “Likoul”

Brandt Algeria, a subsidiary of the Cevital Group, the flagship of the domestic appliances industry, and Pioneer of the home appliances Export in Algeria, pursues its offensive in Algeria and continues its breakthrough by announcing new cutting-edge TV products.

After having recently unveiled its newest “Top” Washing Machines produced in Algeria under the brands of “Brandt” and “Vedette” with local integration rates exceeding 80%; Brandt Intellect washing machines awarded by the Janus of the Industry 2016, Brandt Algeria is proud to announce the launch of its new range of televisions, including Brandt OLED CURVED TV, the first branded TV manufactured in the entire Middle East and Africa region.

After less than two years of its entry into business, Brandt Algeria already features among the Leading companies in the TV market. Indeed, the entry into the production of the OLED CURVED televisions marks a significant turning point for Brandt under the sign of mastery and technological supremacy. A step that the brand considers as important to move up to higher quality products, so as to offer to the Algerians the best of technology. Thus, with this new launch, the company takes a major step in its development plan to establish its regional leadership.

A refined design, with noble materials, chrome plated base and UHD image quality.

” Likoul ” App includes a comprehensive school support program:

An Exclusive application available on Brandt TVs to accompany the Algerian families and contribute to the education of the future generations

A first of its kind, Brandt Algeria has equipped its televisions with an application called “likoul” which is an exclusive innovation of Brandt new TVs. This program is an e-learning platform that supports families in the education of our children.

This is about free support courses available on all Brandt TVs of the 3 series including: SMART TV, OLED Curved TV, and Ultra Slim TV, from Brandt’s new range. It’s simple, just turn on the Brandt TV, connect to the internet and go directly to Likoul application to stream the desired videos with ease.

We may find courses of support available from the 5th elementary year to the final class (BAC level), in high quality videos developed in partnership with the company “Likoul”, and teachers who explain, expose the courses but also offer exercises and solutions in order to allow students to revise their lessons facing TV in complete serenity.

The developed support courses are in line with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, and have been developed by the best teachers, who have been carefully selected,  under the supervision of prominent academic inspectors in order to have very high quality support courses for our students, regardless of their level.

Thus, Brandt continues to listen to the everyday concerns of the families, providing them with practical day-to-day solutions through key features incorporated into their products to best meet the needs of families. Above all this, Brandt remains a corporate citizen which has set the mission of contributing actively to the education of future generations who are the future of our country.

The courses will be available to our students at any time, as many times as they wish until understanding the lesson at 100% … which is the desired objective.

The program will be extended to other subjects in the following months with a systematic update on all Brandt TVs to be accessible to our students.

In his address, the General Manager of Brandt Algeria, Mr. Tahar BENNADJI, said: “the production of the OLED technology in Algeria in a curved finish represents a television revolution not only for our country but also for the Middle East and Africa region. Being optimistic, Mr. Tahar Bennadji has not failed to express his enthusiasm on this subject “We are very proud to launch the first OLED CURVED televisions that meet the international standards and manufactured in our factories in Setif. We are happy and proud to launch Televisions incorporating the application “Likoul” which will allow our students from the 5th elementary year until the graduation class to access via streaming and for free to the courses of school support. We are proud to contribute to the education of future generations who will change the future of the Nation. As for the brand’s objectives, he continues: “We strive for leadership in the Algerian market and the development of our Export activities and contribute to the diversification of non-hydrocarbon exports of our country “.

On this occasion, the officials of the brand have presented the whole range of Brandt televisions including the OLED Curved range, the Ultra Slim range, the Smart TV and LED TV range:

  1. Brandt OLED Curved:

This technological work offered by Brandt today is available in two dimensions: the 65-inch OLED CURVED TV and the 55-inch OLED CURVED TV. Both models have an Ultra HD (4K) resolution.

Indeed, thanks to the auto-luminescence of each pixel, Brandt OLED TV is capable of displaying an infinite 1/10000000 contrast ratio, with deep black, improved image quality without light scattering.

In addition to that, the HDR (high dynamic range) technology reproduces the true color of nature and reveals the absolute beauty of details. Brandt OLED TV far exceeds LED TVs in color representation, with a pure display, and film-quality rendering.

With the addition of white sub-pixel, it is possible to adjust the density of the color of each pixel with more precision to make the images more distinguished, the colors more abundant and the details more vivid.

  • OLED Organic TV Innovation:

The OLED technology identifies indisputably the future of our televisions. Unlike LED (Light Emitting Diode), this imaging technology does not require a backlight system as were LCD screens. The new generation of organic screens (OLED), allows displaying the colors  with even more brilliance and precision and deep blacks never seen before, and this is thanks to an auto-luminescence of the pixel, a particularly wide color palette, an infinite contrast ratio and an extra-wide and instant response. By applying the improved display technology, the OLED range then becomes at the forefront of technology, responding to the new generation of LCD TVs.

Chic and Ultra Slim Design:

The Brandt OLED Curved TV has an ultra slim curved design with with only 5.9 mm thickness. The set is dressed in metal with a beautiful finish and a discreet look. Indeed, the slight curve of the latter allows to have an equal distance between the eyes from all angles, providing a more comfortable and immersive visual experience.

  1. Brandt Ultra Slim Series: The Ultimate fineness in the service of the Ultra HD

Extremely thin, the 4k ultra slim range has a thickness of only 7.5mm, even thinner than an iPhone 6 Plus. The metallic edges of the screen and the brushed metal back cover, give the ultra-slim TV a chic and elegant look. This range of TVs is available in four sizes: Ultra Slim Curved 4K LED TV 65″, Ultra Slim Curved 4K LED TV 55″, Ultra Slim 4K LED TV 65 “and Ultra Slim 4K LED TV 55’’. With the Brandt 4K color display, the ultra-slim 4k range has a resolution of 3840×2160 and the new RVBB technology that enhances color while reproducing vivid colors by letting you experience best visual experience.

  1. Brandt Smart TV

This line of smart TVs from Brandt is available in 4 dimensions: SMART HD LED TV 32″, SMART Full HD LED TV 43″, SMART 4K LED TV 49 “ and SMART 4K LED TV 55″.

In addition to exceptional image quality and a realistic visual experience, the four models in the Smart Series are equipped with a 6-core microprocessor that allows ultra-fast processing of operations while delivering perfect image quality. These TVs are powered by Android 5.1 operating system which is light and fast, and has a more ergonomic interface for a better user experience.

Moreover, these Smart TVs are equipped with advanced features such as PVR which allows recording your favorite programs freely. The H.265 / HEVC technology also greatly reduces the compression rate of videos while guaranteeing better image quality. The Wireless Display, also known as WiDi, is a wireless video streaming technology using Wi-Fi protocol.

Furthermore, all Brandt 4K TVs feature HDR technology: High Dynamic Range – the latest revolution in image quality. This technology optimizes contrasts and reproduces the true color of nature and reveals the absolute beauty of detail. The rendering is therefore much more detailed and the image is even sharper.

Besides to the image quality, Brandt Smart TVs offer a very elegant chrome design using noble materials such as metal, which is meant to add a touch of class in modern interiors.

Brandt’s SMART TVs are equipped with the “Multi-screen” application which allows sharing the contents of the TV with other devices such as: Smartphones, Tablets … etc.

Speaking about connectivity, Brandt TVs are compatible with 3G or 4G keys which allow you to connect to an internet network.


  1. Brandt LED TV:

This line-up of LED TVs is available in four dimensions: the 32 “HD LED TV, the 40” Full HD LED TV, the 43 “Full HD LED TV and the Full HD 49” LED TV. With LED backlight technology, Brandt promises to provide full HD image quality, with pure, deeper colors, in order to discover the richness of the details and the incredible precision of the outlines.

This range of televisions is equipped with a Full HD player; a USB 2.0 port which is recommended for connecting video and audio equipments with up to 480 mbps transmission in addition to an Eco Mode for intelligent power management that saves energy.

About Cevital

Cevital is the leading private industrial group and exporter in Algeria, excluding petroleum products.

This highly diversified group features 26 subsidiaries, spread out across the industry (flat glass and steel), food processing, retailing, automotive and services sectors. The Cevital group generated an annual turnover of $4 billion in 2015. It exports to nearly thirty countries worldwide. In recent years it has developed its business activities internationally through the acquisition of Oxxo and Brandt in 2013 and 2014 in France, the steel producer Aferpi in Italy, Alas in Spain and in Brazil, where it is developing its expertise in steel, food processing and port infrastructure.

Issad Rebrab is the founding chairman of the Cevital Group, which employs 18,000 people. | Facebook

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