Mediterranean Float Glass (MFG SpA) is among the largest flat glass producers in Africa. Established in 2007, it has a 30-hectare production factory in Larbaâ, a town in Blida Province, Algeria. MFG has made its mark on the industry world by turning Algeria into an exporter of glass.

With a presence across various markets, MFG not only meets local demand, but has also managed to branch out onto international markets (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Morocco and more), with a strong presence in Tunisia. It also records occasional trade with some countries on other continents.

MFG’s strategy results in unparalleled business momentum and helps it stay a step ahead of its competitors. It is revolutionising the Algerian market by offering an infinite range of solutions to its customers. It is leading the evolution of the glass trade from basic usage to the most advanced applications.

Key figures:

  • One glass manufacturing and processing facility


29 route de Meftah
W. Blida

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