Prainsa Cevico Algeria

Prainsa Cevico Algérie was established in 2011 by the synergy of three companies: Prainsa, a Spanish group specialising in prefabrication that had been operational since 1973, joined with Cevico and Cevital Entreprises, both subsidiaries of the Cevital Group, established in 2005 and 2008 respectively, which embody the comeback of prefabrication in Algeria.

Prainsa Cevico Algérie’s work focuses on using prefabricated concrete to construct industrial and commercial buildings, sports facilities and civil engineering structures. The company is involved in the prefabrication stage, i.e. producing and assembling prefabricated concrete, and also in on-site construction: earthwork, external works, structural work (reinforced concrete and metal framework) and HVAC equipment. The company has a design office capable of developing all types of construction projects to offer its customers the best solutions for their needs and their budgets. Their large construction sites and factories all have inbuilt quality control laboratories for materials.

Prainsa Cevico Algérie uses its knowledge of prefabricated construction technology to make all construction quick and simple, which means that its customers do not need to wait long for the security, reliability and aesthetic quality of these concrete structures.


Prainsa Cevico Algeria:
06 Dar Al Hamra
Vieux Kouba
Kouba – Algiers - Algeria

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